“Possessing the Power of the Queen” – Facebook Live

Friday, June 5th, 11:00 am

Ladies, This next piece of “Dynamic Traits Relationship Series” is about learning what men need from women.

How would you like to learn some secrets that invite, attract, influence, and speak to the heart of a man? I’ll give you a hint—it’s all about embracing your Queenliness! Yep! That’s right! It has more to do with you than him/them.
The feminists have a way of killing femininity by telling women to be tough, self-sufficient and independent; “Don’t need men!” 

And look where that got us—that concept has turned women into men…and super masculine women just aren’t all that sexy!

In “Possessing the Power of the Queen” you will learn about about the four feminine forms of power that women possess (you just don’t know it yet) that cause men to bond to them, want to protect them, fight for them and go out of their way to make them happy!

Join me Friday, June 5th at 11 am, register today!


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