Unleashing the Favor of God

Summit Church Family,

While I was praying for our wonderful church family this week, I had a strong sense that the Lord was telling me this, “Have the people FOCUS ON MY FAVOR!” God’s Word states that God’s awesome favor is surrounding you right now! Let’s attach our believing to what God is declaring and let’s together watch God’s Favor manifest in every person at Summit Church!

This Sunday, I am beginning a series entitled, ” Unleashing the Favor of God!” The Bible tells us that when we are in a place of hearing God’s Word, the faith to believe what we hear comes! When faith comes, the promise follows, or comes next! Please make plans to join us at Summit Church for the next few Sundays and let’s together UNLEASH THE FAVOR OF GOD IN OUR LIVES!

I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for all of you next! Be praying about a person you can invite to our wonderful church and let’s see the favor spread to many precious people whose lives are in need of elevation.

Can’t wait to worship with all of you this week,
Pastor Steve