Prayer to Prosper

As I write this note to you I am filled to overflowing with expectation & joy concerning what the Lord Himself has in store for each one of you! Our Great & Gracious God wants you to “prosper in whatever you do!”

I am asking all of you to RALLY to God’s House this Sunday as I unpack this awesome promise in Psalm 1. I am praying a breakthrough prayer for each one of our church family members and a “PRAYER TO PROSPER” in ALL THINGS! This is your right as a child of God! Do not miss church this week, bring a precious person with you to our wonderful church & come expecting to get a “rudder word” to help you navigate to prosperity in every area of your life! C’mon!

Again, LET’S RALLY TO SUMMIT CHURCH THIS SUNDAY! On the edge of my seat, can’t wait to see the Lord’s promises operating in all of our lives!

Serving all of you with great joy,
Pastor Steve


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