“Trust God’s Goodness!”

Summit Church Family,

My prayer for you this week is that you are experiencing the goodness and the power of Jesus. That whatever has looked lost, or dead and gone, will be found and will be brought back to life! Just as it was with Lazarus back in the time when our lord walked this earth. If Jesus got his friend up out of the grave then He can do the same for you NOW! 

Make every effort to be at Summit Church this Sunday! I will be preaching a real life-changer, I promise! The title of this Sunday’smessage is, “Trust God’s Goodness!” Understanding God’s goodness will elevate everything in your life! When we understand that God is good, we will be at rest, confident that God’s promises will prevail over any difficulties we may be facing now. This understanding brings a baptism of joy and calm! 

Invite a friend to our wonderful community of faith! Can’t wait you see you!

My heart is full of appreciation for my Summit Church family,
Pastor Steve


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